Monday, May 25, 2015

On Eagerness

I sometimes feel like I'm excitedly running down a beach, eager to feel the coolness of seawater on my feet, only to find each wave I approach receding; leaving only wetted sand under every footfall, gritty between my toes.

Maybe this is just the nature of desire.
Maybe other people only seem to have this problem less then I do.
Maybe I'm wrong about more things than I realize.

Maybe I drive away my objects of desire.
Maybe I mistrust my wants.
Maybe I'm not at peace with them.

Maybe I'm not at peace with myself.
Maybe on some level, it's on purpose.
Maybe I'm trying to teach myself something.

Dangerous Place

Haiku book in wind
The page a dangerous place
For a tiny fly


A gentle face
Shows as soft covers part:
The springtime sun

Chirping Jesus

By the Catholic college
I thought I heard a bird
Chirping, "Jesus".