Monday, May 12, 2014

Wave Reflection

Shadows flashing
From sun and cloud.
Wide waves swelling
From the wind and motion,
Shimmering light
Reflected back;
Suddenly I notice
The world is now fluid,
Itself the glossed surface
Of a vast lake.

Feelings muted
From realization,
Self harsh-questioned
For inartful action;
Something deeper,
On the edge of sensing,
Dreadful to feel,
Indescribably bobs,
Draws me within,
Irresistibly pulled.

Submerged in the water,
Ceaselessly shifting is
Reflection of a truth
That can't be grasped.

One that, when cupped
A moment in the hands,
Loses all depth,
Becoming once
Clearly seen and useless,
Captured and lost,
Well-defined and
Vanishing forever,
Dripping between
Sieve-like fingers.

The sun breaks free,
The wind whips up,
Forming ripples,
The same pattern
Never repeats.

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