Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Problem of Evil

It makes me wanna kill,
wanna cry:
every injustice done
to those I've adored.
Can't feel I'm a victim
when my mere lack
is from another's pain,
but tears fall nonetheless,
lamenting might-have beens,
nursing never-weres,
asking why I pick so wrong,
but wondering:
whence the abuse?
beauties bruised, broken;
who has such violent heart?
to offend, injure, invade,
attack, inflict them?
Surely such are damaged, too,
so I can't retribute
and vengeance is empty
in the chain of events,
but I still think to me:
if only I could pay it back,
every offense on every innocent;
decimate doers of all evil.
If I had power,
would do it for highest reasons
then become one of them myself,
tyrannical and terrible.
If every injustice was
repaid just one-fold,
there'd be no one left.

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Grégoire said...

This is very good. Thanks for such a great blog.