Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life, the Universe and Perfection (this is if only)

This is life:
you meet someone amazing,
and they're all used up.
you're too late;
their pain's always in the past.
it's all perfect,
but for one fatal flaw.

Loving you makes me want to cry.
though I don't, know I could,
if only/only if...

this is the universe:
the timing's just off,
you just miss the train.
progress is hindered,
our history repeats itself.
life is left forlorn,
huddling in unknown corners.

Knowing makes me want to vomit,
but I can't, must be strong,
only if/if only...

This is perfection:
a dream you have once,
only to be cut short, abrupt.
high aspirations
your fingers can't quite grasp
just an idea in the mind,
never allowed to realize.

Wanting makes me think it's useless,
when it's lost, brings sorrow.
If only/only if...

This is sorrow:
If only...
Only if...

1 comment:

Grégoire said...

impressive! i wish i knew how to write.