Wednesday, October 8, 2008

dog day lake (from Oct 4)

no dog to walk
around this lake:
my legs won't make
it all that way.
can't run to warm
wind-chilled bones
or to escape
out of doors
without a car;

tho' it's not far,
wind and sun to take,
drove a car,
left poison wake,
and in this place
more traffic passes:

noise pervades,
no peace is had
from engines, breaks.
the water laps
manmade edges,
now disarrayed
in reeds like hedges;

a green lake
of green shores,
on all sides
by streets, cars,
fancy houses
and throngs of
moving bodies.

it's good enough for the trees
so it's good enough for me
but when they chose it was it better?
if they could, would they up and leave?

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