Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yesterday Now

I marvel at myself-yesterday:
what mystery the things he knew, so strange!
Today comprehending only now, not the past,
my former thoughts are unknown to my current me,
make me a stranger to myself,
separated only by a day.

His genius is clear, but today I seem wiser,
new decisions replacing old, and he often appears a fool.
But being a stranger to me, I can't know
whether what went through his mind
was wisdom for fortune or folly,
nor if myself-today improves upon it.

Each day making opposite decision,
do I renege, reverse myself and progress nowhere?
Daily making the same turns will I find I've gone in circles,
round and round - jamais vu to view my motion,
will I sense a deja vu and break a cycle,
or remain trapped forever oblivious?

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