Saturday, September 27, 2008


trees undressing for bed, long sleep ahead
clouds hug the city skyline good night
one last warm embrace before the light leaves.
subsidizing bad karma,
we're driving a train with no end
no connections, no stops and no lulls,
round-the-clock service.

I'm a child and a man and neither and climbing
past a steeply sloped lake on its way down
I'm a time-wrenching dog, burying things before having them,
crimes committed in the premeditation of demise.
defenseless against your want,
you were defenseless against my response
I fell in and straight back out:

in your upstanding obliviousness,
so impairingly obvious,
you were erect as an engorged cock,
sticking out like an erection and
unashamed like its throbbing head.
if I could conquer my libido, I'd be king of all,
but the grass is always greener,
even with no fence;
with no border
the other side is hard to find,
boundaries hard to define:
is it the song or the day I'm waiting to pass?

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