Tuesday, August 12, 2008


desp'rate grabbing, clinging,
remove it, cast away;
no refuge here,

I feel nothing for it.

stronger, I stand watching
worm wither, whimper,
wasting away
'fore my eyes:

and I do nothing.

I wait for it to die,
drying up the while
as it cries woe
up to me:

but I do nothing.

it squirms, struggles weakly
with its destined end,
futile its fight
against fate:

so I do nothing.

forlorn of its sole hope,
only home haven,
finds no harbor
in my sight:

for I do nothing.

gripped in the throes of death,
panic pathetic,
prostrate in pain;
soon is still:

and still I do nothing.

Finally motionless,
no stir in its form,
now starved and bled,
lies there, dead:

I watch it do nothing.

Of its insidious need,
its selfishness, greed
I am rid:

To do anything, now free.

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