Sunday, August 24, 2008


looking behind you—it's shorter.
Distances compress,
lose depth in two dimensions,
distort fisheyelike—
to match the glass surface:
nicks & scratches, dents and dings,
if the glass won't break, will change
so looking's altered
much with time and behind,
the world and its color are made different;
some mostly faded, others supersaturated.

And most changed of all,
seen from so near,
is the reflection of self,
looking with biased eyes
back out the mirror.

Neck cricked from headchecks,
eyes strained from single stare;
peering at one's own finger-smudged face,
it's only seen partly, unclear,
discolored, chromatically false image
in the light of scattered high beams,
distracting from the drive ahead:
looking inward and behind
may land you in a ditch instead.

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