Monday, August 18, 2008

Put all your apples in one basket

it's a lonely stalk, a single branch pruned to nudity, obscene
it's a winter's night spent all alone, kept warm by hopes of what spring shall bring
it's a solitary bee, so busy
it's a rocky-ledge tree clinging
it's a one man carpool, an empty bus,
it's a we in thought or word when there's no us
it's all one's hope placed on one mere chance, though many prior went so bad
it's a single solitary tree left standing of a forest
it's a tiny cloud abandoned in the middle of a wide blue sky
it's one plane, contrailing so high in the stratosphere
it's this place in here where none can come
it's cold inside though warmed by a hearth, sheltered
it's a vacation with no one there
it's a dream disappointed to find that it was one on waking
it's what we're left when all else is taken away
it's a will to resist, to fight
it's the fear of an empty night
it's a thing so vital, one so deadly
it's an oasis of plenty in a desert of lack
it's a bastion of life in a vast empty universe, a small blue planet, a speck in the black
it's knowing a change when the old won't be back
it's a feeling that's left, but sure to return
it's a melancholy feeling sweet music distills
it's a flockless shepherd who wanders his hills
it's the refuge of love and the center of will
it's the reason we live and the reason we burn

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