Sunday, August 24, 2008


We're at crushing depth at the shallow end.
I'm ankle deep getting knee-deeper slow-quick,
time's passing around us sloppy, two speed,
like the sloshing wave ripples at our feet:
trough and crest, like to see you moving so

cresting like an airliner over the horizon
at cruising altitude, hit pockets of turbulence:
takeoff's shaky, but don't jump out 'chuteless.
Destination's as unclear as the blue sky isn't,
but the flight's the fun for now, the view

to clouds and sees and lands like so many waves;
ripples; we're waves crashing and jets cruising,
crest and trough interfering, colliding smooth,
swinging back round, going down, from lows so low
to highs so high, always lifting till we break.

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