Friday, July 18, 2008

A skin glimpse flinch

your walking, rocking
hip & torso moving, more so
makes gap pale
as jacket-pantswaist separate.
this skin glimpse,
shape of you,
makes me flinch,
pine for this nothing
which you don't even do.
admiring eyes follow;
it is no glimpse at cosmic truth,
but does not feel so hollow
as what mere bodies would betray.

would this notion bust
if more were revealed—
from naked strip
to stripped naked—
do you have, bare, appeal?
is my vision unreal?
looking closer showing flaws—
yet unexposed are innards,
mind's mattering nothing
when your mettle, can't perceive
thoughts invisible track,
within, soul secret me
without a word to intercede,
holy thing worming
out your mind from form,
reveals shape of interior:
if broken like me
or just pure ugly,
attraction deceases,
this interest releases,
so illusory.

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