Monday, July 14, 2008

see you squinted

too bright for me,
too much at once,
I need a shade
or squint the eyes.
hand held up
to block out glare,
tho you're so far
(in truth still near).
and so to see,
imagine you
in simpler guise.
this try to see
brings misery,
doomed to fail,
so blind leaves me.

but I won't let
you fall apart;
in my mind
you are contained
and control
I must maintain.
I screw em up,
see what I like,
whether day
or, better, night.
tight in here,
no thing can reach,
safe at last
where none shall breach,
here with me,
it is complete.

blinded vision
gives the gift
of you as mine:
tho I see clearly,
thoughts incline,
you can't see
you've been confined

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