Sunday, July 27, 2008

Living Gray

Living gray-
season undecided, a slumbering sun
tries pushing back the covers, futile,
cold feet sitting out in it, can't wake.
All grays around, tinge of cold,
but season undecided.

Hues of gold:
don't know what's next, sun or gloom?
and which is now is not so sure.
Gloom the norm I feel, it seems;
tried to push back gray clouds so long,
weather uncertain,

blues unfold.
only hoped for taste of sun
on paling skin, not sickly but deprived,
to emerge from hiding here alone
and find myself with someone
sure and sunny.

Gray remains,
hoped-for days far-off, unreal, unseen.
Unexpected, gray means life like rain,
flows free of bounds, both joy and pain,
the shades mean free, undefined:
in between it's gray.

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