Saturday, July 26, 2008

how it's grown

[I'm seriously considering recording this or finding some venue to recite it.]

creeping and sneaking,
unknown unforeseen,
how it's grown:
down median, up curb,
harshness man-made,
daily news blurb:
acid rain, acid sea,
smog not fog,
landfill wildlife habitat,
see how we're green!
reusing our poisons,
recycling our toxins,
addictive, contagious,
growth mimics man,
invasive species
undesirables, weeds,
roundup ready GMO,
weed and feed:
poison your yard
to stop centipedes,
fight the chemical war
on pests, escalating annually,
fight the war on crop yield
with known carcinogens
and runoff trickling
from livestock, each crop,
into drinking water;
feed the beasts antibiotics,
escalate a needless war
on confined-animal diseases,
crucible for pandemic dissemination,
super-bugs rise with technology;
feed crops to machines,
the eco-friendly greenhouse nightmare:
sustain yourself
while choking, boiling, drowning,
alternative to poly-x-ene,
neon jogging suit,
spandex exercise,
eat more, do more, busy,
stay active-fit-healthy, lean,
mean corporate earning machine,
meat eating fine feeding,
overfish understock,
machine born for eating:
live for those rib-eyes,
enjoy kidney disease,
colon cancer, cholesterol, coronary:
life fast dies hard,
leaves a wake of corpses,
dine on victims--
okay when nameless,
call them dinner, lunch,
breakfast, brunch,
bacon beefburger,
soft skin flayed off
for comforting touch;
durability: leather
pigskin sheepskin
cashmere sweater,
wear chinchilla,
save gorilla;
elephant in a box,
concrete like a tomb,
at the park in the zoo:
woodland critters
urban living,
elevated to captive
ambassadors to the wild,
privileged to live with
neurotic rocking,
walking back and forth
for miles in place,
chain the dangerous,
dominate problem animals,
correctional facilities
constructing near you:
expanded romper rooms,
multi-level parking garage,
high-rising condos
for tenants and cars:
residents soar like condors,
vultures circling the block,
dollar-hungry hyenas, lyin's,
weeding sick like euthanasia
hunting picking bones,
predator/scavenger as appropriate
claws retract to walk,
lower carbon footprint
by light stepping, big talk--
sweep up footprints as you go,
no one needs to know:
green or not, green means go,
but green they say when green? is no,
swept underrug and overtown,
forests to houses, burn em down,
sprawling suburbs let unbound,
two cars each garage,
or many more,
two kids each house,
or just don't stop:
go forth and overpopulate!
multiply thy fruits,
receive thy just desserts,
four kids, six kids, ten kids:
one would be lonely,
none would leave only,
a lineless termination of kind,
no descendants an end
with no means,
natural tendency's to bring calamity,
destructive environment,
habitat of a destructive breed,
democracy of indecision
leaves tyranny for the majority,
by the minority,
for the minority;
terrorism for the foreign,
we're tough on terror!
slashed your rights in half
to make you safe,
but you're still free,
to choose between
equivalent evils, antagonized:
lessers of evils and betters of bank,
investors, profiteers,
those of privilege and rank,
can't help what they are,
genetic moral low score;
nor can the poor,
or is it social engineering,
sympathy without compassion,
derision and division
of unusual fashion?
won't help the sick bleeding,
instead deeply drinking
the nature of the beast,
to grow and release,
ascending up higher
expands till it breaks;
what's left in its wake
and what was its make?
pick nature or nurture,
or neither.

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