Monday, July 14, 2008

Bus Force Winds

bus-like forces
move you towards us
and with delight I saw this flight.
gradual your path to me,
and for sure, I'd thought, it be,
your stopping place back here;

I see

now same force, it pushed you back
and beyond, not here exact.
It kept on pushing till you were gone
--out of sight--
and, myself, I must confess,
'twas arrogant the fates to test.
my weakness, over-confidence
in things that change like gusty winds.


Paul Bernard said...

Hmmm, a girl you saw on the bus? Or just a girl you saw? They never seem to be looking back or coming over, eh?

I find that happens so much, a glimpse of the perfect woman. Ah - but a glimpse is all we want. Look too hard and you see the imperfections.

Bryan said...

I find myself thinking 'she looks good, but who knows what's lurking behind her eyes'. Wrote something more on that theme today.