Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a no nym, us

I know
I can't know you,
can't tell,
can't say.

Have we met?
Have I seen you before?
You have my name,
I've not yours.

Maybe you rode
the same bus
the same day,
after it drove
the other way
and changed numbers.

Or shared the same space
same time or later,
public place we both know:
a link left untripped,
yet to be thrown.

Unknown to me,
your name could be
an ex-lover's,
an ex-teacher's,

or someone's I know,
under this alias
merely an X to me.
If I tried to find you,
wouldn't know if I had.

Nameless on the net,
anything could end
this exchange in a blink,
harsh thought to think,
but I won't pretend.

Net sum zero:
you are quite unknown,
each separate, alone,
in uncharted reaches,
in this mer de noms

1 comment:

Roxana said...

yes, it is a harsh thought to think... I wonder a lot about this sea of ghosts, names without faces and bodies, how strange all this is...