Monday, June 23, 2008

Look Out Below

Life is like falling,
so forgive me if I fall straight past.
with no way of stalling,
I'm grasping desperate ever fast.

See, I have to let go
to keep from pulling others with as I fall past.
So my grip, feeble as it often is,
so often just don't last.

Maybe someday I'll find
a snag to hold to, or catch a real ledge.
I figure out falling more all the time,
and now that I've stopped screamin' and flailin',

I can't tell if I'm further from the edge
or closer to the ground.
So by the time I've hit the bottom,
I hope I'll've all worthwhile found

1 comment:

Paul Bernard said...

Yup, good stuff. I enjoyed it.

It reminded me of something I'd written about trying to stay on a slippery stone in the middle of a river. Well obviously it's not really about falling in a river, but anyway...
Liked it. Tell me, do you write songs too? Some of your poems are quite lyrical.