Monday, April 21, 2008


Where i stay _ friends far away. very strange to meet full hostel; depressing but recharge. wander streets speak no polish 3 words this country masters me from border to capital. take tram no payment, didn't see a way any way. Mishmash styles, this you get.

Park, suspicious paranoid, what's poland like. Its cutting belligerent capital. looking poor. not like tourist, don't think. eating making peanut sandwich butter taking in sights. cross train station, illegal. alternative tunnel under road, had bewared cops. cross them don't, taking you to bad places.

as they told in border cross, the germans. having sat upon it, passport less they warned of dangers. standing found it under ass; what relief had been.

friends far away. polish ones too. know no one here, no hostel. give me a stable and manger, aren't you catholics? taking me to long, energy too much for poor me. drag bagging round town, didn't get far. spent from strange apparatus of escalator stair ramp tunnel in station. wish hadn't come.
can't take back where feet have gone, this city you are in.

War. wars upon my muscles and makes me week.

Saw. saws my mind with slavic spoken, then knew only 2 words; now 3. Tak. Czesc. can't get you bye: exactly and hi. Added thank you later; makes you so polite. Ever so polite.

found him computer-side charging phone. not him; my phone died in desperation reaching out to friend too far. bad timing ill planning got me there: weeping nearly.

Had come back in, met american. immediately helpful, conversation business-wise but also universe-based. all over the place.

which is where we called, walked. seeking shelter refuge for me. dragged bag for me; was heavy nearly felled me. What a friend. Never met his name, never see again.

Sometimes it's okay that way: meet once, never again. Almost as polish girl in station days later:
cute, knew only song-english: pop phrases. Better than my pole! Shame for shame, different directions left her train. could have been strange, had so little way to communicate, funny way to conversate and oddly enough overcame shyness enough: talk to lady lived in london, child to pick up bringing back.

Again never met again - could have, went london stown under. met not even friends; so short on time.

Poland proved my ambition was too far too high, too much destinated in too few three weeks.

But here we checked hotels: one had called but now was full; mystery riverboat hotel had sailed away it had seemed; under lovely bridge we onward trudged. So many streets we trod so much to seek a shelter; finally failing helpful directions chaining us multiply along, teased, we stopped a bit. In a park. lads there for a lark, what a history was oddly related to me. lessons this fellow spewed, forth nonstop but not unpleasant.

Taking no more shivering, on we walked back to town: to the center I had know. fries filled bellies just enough, soon we split after spit, urinate publicly yet another time: had done so in Sweden.

None saw, maybe for better.

We split then, 4 am already reaching, trains would arrive soon enough. I to my friend, barely made that for falling sleep. Over under the night managing, I took my leave of my wits in my tire.

dreaming scarce for tired feet, footstepping through parks and streets, running across gibberers in offhand beats and failing hotels to land like beach, how sore was body weary mind, how rough was holiday life unkind.

But adventures under belt we won, for having none the prowess shinned. Taking glory in the sun I next enjoy reward of won: couple days full foodly shewn. hospitable people, friend's family or was it family's friend? Fine foods fed, beautiful produce homegrown to boot.

How amazing a glutton I became! The custom to feed took advantage.

Leaving their sunny, sweaty in car, met london lady and mother, story somewhat sad, but more opportune had she not been working well she did.

Best english I had met since Sweden, where still longer colder nights had greeted: the coldest though were yet to come, higher mountains alps the sun, shunned to shine and did decline to dry the rain.

But knowing not of coming winter languished in the polish sun.

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