Saturday, April 5, 2008

This Is Why We Fight

the stillness of complete relaxation,
the cold of a life rendered lifeless,
inanimate, unmoving, though prodded.
close the unseeing eyes, for they
seek still to watch the world,
that very same which filled with life
shows now death, although unseen,
to eyes which once understood
the motions of bodies and of blood,
the lives of ancestry and hope
for next generations now left
forlorn and alone surviving the dead.

now younger eyes know what the old
had hoped would pass, merciful,
and leave children unscathed.
passed through their eyes is knowledge
of the meaning of loss, of life,
lost to the sightless in death.
rend'ring unconscious of truth,
eternal cataracts plague
victims and doers alike;
as a wool pulled over the eyes,
spun by safe, stately rich men,
from hidden agendas and lies.

Inspired by a collateral damage (i.e. civilian corpse, a human being who was made to cease to be as a side effect of war) in the documentary: Why We Fight
To break my unwritten rule about never explaining my work, there's no reference to Bush; it's about all who are involved in starting wars. Administrations, Corporations, Regimes and Terrorist Networks alike; even You and Me, sometimes.

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