Tuesday, April 22, 2008

safe knife

are you safe from the knife?
do you dance on the blade?
do you look down its length,
hands defensive out-splayed?

are you its master?
is it your friend?
or are you frightened
when faced with the end?

do you get the point?
grasp-handle the concept?
of which end goes in you,
when you make a misstep?

do you wound deeply,
or dodge steel sweetly?
when the blood flows,
is your foe's or yours seeping?

do you use it alone
in dark rooms and at home,
where death gives you life
tho scars follow swipes?

where does it meet you?
do dark alleys greet you?
with sharp silver shimmer,
or dull truncheon to beat you?

are you a tyrant
loathe to retire it,
when seeking your want
like a stabbing savant?

or do you fear its bite
in the midst of a fight,
when pounding of heel
saves from pain's feel?

perhaps it's a tool
you use skilled like no fool:
but when all are away,
you take time to play.

are foods your sole victims,
dismembered in kitchens?
diced chopped or sliced
for tasting's delights?

is it your true love?
its descent from above:
more than a thing,
your life's very being?

are you safe from the knife?
is romance on your blade?
do you look in her eyes,
where the steely gleam plays?

or does it plead with you?
glancing silver and blue,
disappointed to stay
where you've put it away.

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WrappedAroundDreams said...

Nobody's safe from the knife