Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Morpheus Seizing

my chest pounced,
your legs crouched,
you held your hand over my mouth.
as I slept I could not breathe,
but still slept on,
a pair of useless legs, inert arms,
and lungs that would not heave.
I could not breathe.
too tired to wake, kept sleeping,
something amiss in my dreaming,
but I was too tired to wake.
unaware of you, my dreams
invaded by suffocation,
long fingers grasped;
your fingers, they clutched,
your weight, it sat
in anticipation.
yet I could not grasp
the incubal spirit,
tho pressed so near, it
fed on a nightmare.
you fed from my night scare.
what was my dream now?
I forget it. someone
was trapped, couldn't get out;
it was myself and there was no help.
next morning I woke,
forgetting the visions,
dreamlike amnesia.
daylight had broke
and I, exhausted, awoke.
I woke as if seizing,
but that's what you'd done:
in my bed creeping,
dreams from me seeping;
seized morphic visions,
while I was sleeping.


1 comment:

Paul Bernard said...

Nice work, sir. Very gothic and quite constricted - like a bad dream I suppose.
What's with the point-to-point thing?
Did you hear the NIN song, draw the pic and then write the story? Like a path of inspiration?
I loved NIN's first few releases, but we parted ways after the sprawling The Fragile.