Monday, January 28, 2008

The Journal of Sterling Blackfoot

My name's Sterling Blackfoot.

I'd be asking for help, but this note's sure as hell not bringing it.

My life is on the line here and I don't think I've got much time. I've got to get to the Canadian border before someone at the Institute finds out I'm gone. If I'm lucky, they haven't yet. And if even luckier, the border will stop these people from pursuing. That might be optimistic of me.

I've eluded them so far, but this is a harsh winter so my only chance was to snowshoe it away. Couldn't risk being heard by anyone back at the complex, they know there's too much at risk to let me escape. Riskier than freezing to death.

And imagine how lucky I felt when I passed a frozen human corpse, partially eaten, just to find the poor bastard's overturned snowmobile. Even luckier, it was still working, and I was far enough away to start it without fear of being heard. I didn't have time to think about who he was, only enough to grab the sawed-off shotgun from nearby and a couple of shells from his pockets.

If that corpse was involuntarily confined at the Institute, he was a better man than me. All I managed to escape with was a few cans of beans.

He was better, but hopefully I'm luckier than him.

It's damn cold out here, nature's against me as much as the rest of the world. My beard is covered in ice and my clothes are barely warm enough. If you want the sort of place that nobody can escape from alive, this is the right part of town to build it in.

One can of beans down. I think my fire's warmed me enough, and hopefully it hasn't given away my position. I'm not rested enough, but I'm gonna have to bite the bullet on that one because there's no rest for anyone out here, not in my shoes.

Now that I've calmed down a bit, I can see I'm bleeding, even left a nice trail for my hungry animal friends.

I crashed the snowmobile trying to avoid a fallen tree in the path, that's when it must've happened; I've been walking ever since and the adrenaline's only just wearing off. As much as it will, maybe. No wonder the wolves are closer now, listen to those hungry buggers, just waiting for me to tire myself out. I bet they could wait for days, but I bet they won't wait a minute to tear into me.

Fresh meat, that's what every living thing is out here. Delivered right to their doorstep.

Well they won't get my carcass without a fight. Over my dead body, as they say...

I digress, that's a sign my body's giving up, spending all this time writing by my little fire. It feels good, even though it may mean my death. I'm under no delusion that writing a note will help anyone to uncover any wrongdoing. They know it's a lot easier to get in here and investigate them come spring, so they save themselves for these almost dayless winters. No, anything I say in this note will be purely anecdotal and there won't be a trace of evidence for the atrocities being committed out here in these woods.

I'm not going to describe everything, but if anyone outside of the so-called Juneau Institute finds this, you need to get it to someone who can do something. They have to be stopped because the experiments they're doing here, the arsenal they're amassing - it's bad. For everyone. For the sake of all human life, these people must be stopped.

Give this message to Jonas Filbert in Denver: it's worse than we thought and we have to act now.

If someone from the Institute is reading this: your time is coming. I spit on you monsters and everything you stand for. We are strong and will stop you.

But what happens to the Institute is the least of my problems right now. I'm more concerned about how many shots I've got left. Two loaded barrels, three extra shells.

And the wolves howling not too far away. I think it's been a harsh winter because I've known they were tracking me for some time. They're hungry and they're making no secret of it: I'm being hunted. I wish there was more daylight because they're better at hunting in darkness than I am. I'm an investigator, not a mountain man. For now, only the snow's dim glow is going to help me defend myself.

I'm gonna need more ammo.

I'm lucky I got this far, but there's no way in hell am I gonna be done in by a pack of hungry wolves. I've stood up to a clandestine organization with billions of dollars of funding, I think I can take some common predators.

I probably have a minute before they come, got to get ready. We'll see who eats who for dinner.

It's w

[found last Spring near the Alaska-]

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