Wednesday, May 7, 2008


leave this land? I am this land,
I reach from sea floor to mountaintop.

not this nation, not its people,
lines in the sand cannot contain me, do not bind.

I am the mountains buckled gloriously toward the sky;
my arms of hills embrace-uplift you in cradles which they form.

I am thin spits of land keeping sea's salt from lakes fresh,
forming the coves and bays where fishermen abide.

I am plains you plant to feed you and firmament where you stand,
shaking solid basis, both foundation and ruin of your home.

I am terra's mighty trembling felt deep deep down,
world-felt I do renew rebuild myself with mighty sound.

and I am pushing ever higher in the sky tho it's in vain,
with hot-spewed magma I aspire, against gravity I strain.

restless and quick moving at my own pace of time,
I can't be stopped if set against you, for age is my ally.

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