Tuesday, May 6, 2008

copenhagen crackdown

we occupied that building like a Rheinland
as if it was France and we the Führer
in reality we were the Jews and the cops the Hitlers
gestapo marching, marking; gassing us till we left

like a holocaust we lost one after another
contained, held our ground but lost the war
victims of martyrdom:
I lost it when I saw her body,
locks dreaded face pale neck twisted unmoving

troopers, they stormed us
invaded our home and occupied oppressively

drove their lead nails in us like Romans into Jesus Christ,
like common thieves crucified us
when what we stole was mere bread, taken from none,
a victimless crime for which we were scapegoat
for which we must pay

we were the infidels but threw the stones; they threw bullets.
we the squatters: they squatted and took aim
and took away our very Lebensraum
a place we'd seized but not built, tho new lives were built in it

our territory became theirs as their word became law
breaking the truce their strength occupied our minds
and gaining a foothold of fear,
beachhead of order
moved on to next conquest in the name of right
only a Vichy's underside resisting

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