Saturday, March 1, 2008


trees naked in winter
a girl naked at night
take away the sun and
true colors come to light
seen for what they are,
bare exposed and there,
see them stripped right down
to color of their hair,
leaves for making air,
something sleek and less than seemed
once the truth's laid bare,
but something worth desiring,
something oft unseen,
something sweet that's lingering
all the time between
an after-taste, a hint remains,
one that stings and sings
and brings us joy and brings us pain
a thing that's still the same
a thing that's left unchanged
over ageless eons
it drives instinct insane,
defying all that's rational,
but still they can't be blamed:
The want of spring's renewal
the want for summer days,
is the want to love the color
before the daylight fades

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