Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cherry-bright Litter

how did the office follow me here?
to a place beloved for natural beauty, academia.
cherries blossom pinkish-white in spring,
but are outdone by neon orange styrofoam
bearing company logo;
bane of nature, disposable cup,
here where unwelcome, inanimate,
awaits me with its dead brightness,
where growing things of color reign,
far outside office walls.
obliges me to represent, this litter to remove,
like a dog upon a tether I am not free to leave.
pulled back to the nine to five,
my time away is just a loan,
more than forty hours are bought
by those who pay the bills.
exchange work for money, hard to keep up my soul,
but I'm still the five o'clock me inside my clothes
and there's not a piece of my time that they own

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