Saturday, January 19, 2008

Only in dreams

Who she was and why she sucked me off, I couldn’t say.

She was not overwhelmingly beautiful, but still attractive, her skin tattooed in places with images of something I forgot upon waking. The tattoos made her beautiful with their vibrant colors, and patterns I cannot recall. Turquoise, I can’t say what else they were.

Lying with her, I recall only her wetness, which was sticky against my leg as I moved myself about. All of this was pre-coital, or would have been.

When my turn to return her favor came, I tasted her briefly, and was about to do more for her when I noticed that there was something wrong. She was warty. I noticed this only from between her legs – down there she looked suddenly diseased and I was taken aback.

In that instant nothing was any longer pre-coital; whatever she had done for me was nullified by these small, grotesque growths, scattered as they were where they were.

It was almost a panic response in my dream, I suddenly had to delicately decline to engage in any further activities with this woman, else I would be disgusted by every second of intimate contact. I was already disgusted to be where I was and see what I saw. Something was wrong with her and I suddenly regretted my choice – if any choice had even occurred.

I’m unsure how this all ended, I’m unsure what else happened. But it left a strange taste in my mouth (in a sense), not to mention a seed of worry. All erotic potential was bled from this initially erotic dream. Perhaps that’s just what I do in life.

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