Saturday, January 26, 2008

amp my ears till they bleed

Rock music destroys my eardrums, and I'm never wise enough for earplugs, until it's too late.

The ringing lasts for days, and soon it may last some stretch of my lifetime, like my father before me. I already hear a slight buzz in silence.

The most brutal of the bands on my hearing is called Red Museum, last night they sent their nonstop stream of sound, often noisy, no breaks and no relief. Great to see in person. Local kids, friends of my brother.

They're harsher than his band, Rome DeLeon, but I wanted their sound to continue to fill my ears, to blow my mind out. Guitar and stored pedal sounds assailed but pleased me, a slightly masochistic pleasure for the deaf-to-be.

And I'll go back for more. More rocking, more pounding out more amazing sounds.

Now I know what they can do.

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