Saturday, December 22, 2007

silvered senseless

Flow into me that tidal forces meet, diffusing one another's lacks and abundances. Keep me not part but take me in, ebbing and melding until inseparable. A tear or a laugh or a love all together and altogether profound, each one, though partial, is partly unbound.

A mind and a mind, but what's in a mind? A mind's in a body but a body's outside, and though means of grasping, cannot grasp abstract, nor without mind can a body abide.

A heart is a part, yet a thought and an art, a place and a space for an end or a start. Feelings described do not there abide, rather the beating life's blood do provide.

A soul cannot be, the essence of me, tied as it is to the sum of the three; sum of the thee. Taken apart is each singly dead, incomplete; taken together they cannot be beat.

Except by one fear, that one time all should end, and thence desperation to stave, to pretend. Though hopeless it be to forever extend, faced can it be, that each moment distend.

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