Saturday, December 29, 2007

a singular excellence of companionship

Be my long distance lover,
go and be not with me,
except in spirit.
It'll be a wonderful time,

Devotion to each other
in heart and in word,
sometimes in deed,
such as to commit to
mutual loneliness.

Now-and-then reunions
on lucky weekends
will be distance-grown,
full of hearts fonder;
but always too short

The rest of the time
when we're together-apart
will be phone calls,
and aching hearts.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

silvered senseless

Flow into me that tidal forces meet, diffusing one another's lacks and abundances. Keep me not part but take me in, ebbing and melding until inseparable. A tear or a laugh or a love all together and altogether profound, each one, though partial, is partly unbound.

A mind and a mind, but what's in a mind? A mind's in a body but a body's outside, and though means of grasping, cannot grasp abstract, nor without mind can a body abide.

A heart is a part, yet a thought and an art, a place and a space for an end or a start. Feelings described do not there abide, rather the beating life's blood do provide.

A soul cannot be, the essence of me, tied as it is to the sum of the three; sum of the thee. Taken apart is each singly dead, incomplete; taken together they cannot be beat.

Except by one fear, that one time all should end, and thence desperation to stave, to pretend. Though hopeless it be to forever extend, faced can it be, that each moment distend.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Make love to an island,
a thousand ships to sail!
Let shore meet wave,
trireme to moor,
For more to see
her gloried land,
this greatest isle,
would make me rave
like man gone mad

(or make me chase
like god gone bad)

On Women (different ones)

Though generally a woman,
she was,
one lucky Friday,
a girl.

women, pretty;
I observe like a child,
with a conscious innocence
watch all,
from a great age
to a small.
They go by
and I see
as I wait

If she's available,
that look she gives
means I'm interested

tidbits from the bus

Not really poems so much as thoughts:

tedium vulgaris
te diem velocis
per diem brachius

It's a they!
congratulations on your diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia!

in actual fact/in factual act

thrice commuted

Day of purples, set and rise
colors rosy, azure skies

then one of grays brings surprise,
misting lakes it falls from high

next a cold one does arise
like many people:
but cold as ice

Urging Masses

Look at the space I've made.
Christ of the freeway,
and they just look the other
can save their own merging asses
some other way.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wallingford Joe's

In, out, crowd all about
upstairs or downstairs same season without,
comings and goings so many to count.
too come encounters
of funny nature;
though party for snow,
none out of a globe.

[well, I tried...I'll have to get back on the poetry thing]