Monday, June 27, 2016

Ready, Set, Wait

Ready to go.
Hearing the rain,
Possibilities beckon:
Momentarily on hold.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Beat Drop in Slamdangle

Afore headslam
Dropped walkered
Kneeling clash from
Monkey bar-hangup
Not strong enough
To then string grip
Dangling, rattled my
Cage fell upon,
Pact impounding
Beat of the heart
On flamed-in bones
Unduly fear-entered

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Neck, Eyes, Fingers, Heart

Dangling, enchanting, catching

Eying, plying—trying?

Touching, nudging, brushing

Wond'ring, hungry, thund'ring



Downforest apath slipped:
Stranger I, what cross's pathed?
Dimming mosqueness toe danced in,
'ad paused, full beauty-flowers to mire,
To pre-friend new dualship
And sweetnesses in a nature-share

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Last Night's Remnants

Last night's romantic
Gesture: drunken,
Vomit and roses.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Windows on the world

In the window
They did all things,
Yet not a thing.
I saw them there,
But knew nothing,
Knowing just what
They were doing,
Which was no good.

In the night-street
They moved as one,
A cloud of smoke
Drifting through air.
Like hungry ghosts
Never sated,
On a treadmill
Run by cravings.

In my own mind
All moved unsynced
Like stop motion.
Time passed faster
Where I marked it,
And eddies slowed
The rest, looped it
Back on itself.

In the world
I moved somehow
Appeared here-there,
Never crossing
Spaces between.
Keeping alive
By tracing steps
Saner than mine.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Seductive Falsehood

I'm reincarnated daily as a roach
Just flattened by size nines,
or the cardboard litter crushed
by big rigs, overrun roadside.
As roadkill rotting unburied
and bloody on the barren shoulder
of a rumble-furrowed stretched I-five.

One day this soul-sapping samsara
Will a wakeless me release
To nirvana, non-arising nothing,
And it will be a grave relief―
Like an empty epitaph in stone,
And cries and sighs and lies and eyes
Of assembled succors mourning grief.

Friday, April 22, 2016


A need
A heart
A hole
To start
In the chest
Singed with the rest
Desire consumes
Flames burst in plumes
Ash burnt to ash
My love turned to flame
Yearns as it hurts
To take up a new pain
To find one to be with
For having and holding
(And having
and smoldering)
I hold on to my lonesome
Own soul and its loathing
Its pressure imploding
Desperate imposing
Sick from controlling
Suppressing my nature
Spurning and churning
And writhing, aloning
Feels like atoning
Whip that I'm holding
Trapped by the anxious
Heart that desires
First for itself
But for no mental health
Holds back from expression
Like invisible teeth
Biting tongue from the question:
Are you one to be with:
Someone to love,
Full Eros to bare you,
Or yet another
Missed by love's arrow?
Plenty platonic,
Search made too narrow
Do I look in wrong places
Or approach incorrectly
Is it my fate to remain
Aloof and alone
A life on my own
With attractive companions
I wish would be champions
Direct with a line
To my vena amoris
Which has no connection
But breeds an infection
Of bitter disease
Sowing unease
In how I relate
To the world around me,
Reacting still badly
To love that surrounds me
That I see as granted
Stuck in persepctive
That keeps me entrapped
In the wires
Wound around me
Set by myself
Me my own enemy
No other
But he—
Is me.

Stuck as I am
Wounded so deeply
For want of help,
Want of love
No Invictus am I,
My heart just burns out
And through me;
The cavity exposed
Nothing left
But a hole.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Construction Time

An army of hammers
deployed in the morning
To pound sleep to death
in a war on peacefulness


Reflected noise
on winter hillsides;
the bare branches